About us

Xpress AI's Mission

Our mission is to bring AI into the core business of every company, large or small.

We believe that a society where AI is a part of nearly every system will solve many of the problems that are caused by the rigid systems today. We imagine a world where artists work together with AI to create custom variations of their work for customers and where back office workers have AI to assist their work.

Remote-First Team

The Xpress AI Team is distributed all over the world.  Having a remote-first culture allows us to attract the best talent regardless of where they are in the world.

Key People

Eduardo Gonzalez, CEO

Eduardo is a published author, public speaker, leader and engineer.  Over the course of his career between Japan, the US and beyond he has helped many companies, both large and small, take advantage of AI.  He started Xpress AI with the goal to make implementing AI solutions faster and easier so that every company can leverage AI in their core business. 

Paul Dubs, CTO

Is an expert in natural language processing and deep learning.  He acquired a Master of Science degree from TU Darmstadt in Germany and went on to contribute to prominent open source projects, helping multi-national corporations with AI and even starting a few companies of his own.